About Me

Elena Roldán, C.Ht.

Elena Roldán, C.Ht.

Certified Hypnotherapist

The mission of Hypnosis with Elena – Mind & Wellness Coach is to facilitate each person’s journey to restore wellness using hypnotherapeutic and coaching techniques that promote self-discovery and Power the Mind. The goal is to empower each client to achieve and maintain a life of comfort and joy that aligns with their personal desires, values, and spiritual beliefs.

I welcome you to join me on an exploration into the natural healing properties of your mind, body, and spirit. Whether it is the achievement of a personal improvement goal or the urgent need to find a healthy and more fulfilling life path, the therapeutic use of hypnosis, imagery and mindfulness is a powerful resource to comfortably and efficiently assist you to achieve your goals.

I served in the United States Navy for twenty-three fulfilling years. After retirement, I reached a point where I asked myself if I was living my best life. Was I living at my full potential? Will I ever find relief from past childhood and adult trauma? Was I using my time being truly happy, fulfilled, and purposeful? Perhaps you asked yourself these same questions. As those questions grew stronger in my consciousness, it awakened in me a curiosity to learn and seek the options and experiences out there that could offer me the answers and the relief I wanted.

Until then, I had no concept of the healing powers of my own mind. I began my search with a series of experiences including immersing in my church, counseling, personal coaching, and a variety of transformational seminars. Then, one day, my brother who has embarked in a similar journey of self-discovery and healing encouraged me to try hypnotherapy. With hypnotherapy I experienced spiritual and personal breakthroughs unlike anything else I had tried. My faith in God grew even stronger than ever and hypnotherapy helped me discover and access the powers within my own mind, my subconscious mind, that offered me the ability and path to transform my life. One by one, from personal goals and habits to deeper issues of self-love, and prosperity vs scarcity beliefs, hypnotherapy is delivering what feel to be an organic, rapid, yet comfortable path to the life goals and purpose I was seeking.

My curiosity and enthusiasm for this wonderful healing modality led to my enrollment in the Hypnosis Motivation Institute’s Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy. Once there, I learned so many wonderful and fascinating tools to assist people with empowerment and personal transformation that my heart raced with excitement in every class. During my clinical hypnotherapy internship, I had the good fortune to work directly with the Director of the Institute and key Senior Staff Instructors to learn to integrate all my prior learning experiences into my hypnotherapy practice, combining everything I learned on my own path with the clinical hypnotherapy skills I acquired at the College.

Today, I have found my life’s passion. I am reaching out my hand to others who are on or looking for the path of personal transformation. Nothing fills my heart more than to witness a soul releasing its pain, discovering its power, and finding its purpose. That’s what happened to me, and I would welcome the opportunity to witness it happening to you.

Call or message me if you would like a free phone consultation to ask questions and explore further the potential of our partnership in success.